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All of our litters are planned carefully with the intention of keeping a puppy(ies) for ourselves. We are careful to use sires and dams who are sound in mind and body and those that closely conform to our breed standard. These are dogs that we feel will benefit our breeding program and the breed as a whole. All dogs used in our breeding program have been eye cleared annually for genetic issues by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist and have had their hips certified by OFA (The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) prior to being bred. They are also genetically tested, as well. We invest a tremendous amount of time in our puppies to ensure that they are well-rounded individuals. All puppies are sold on a "reservation-only" basis to approved homes and require a non-refundable deposit. Each puppy has their eyes checked between 5-7 weeks of age and have begun crate and potty training before leaving. Each puppy is current on vaccinations and dewormings before leaving, as well. All puppies are eligible for AKC and ASCA registration. All potential buyers must answer our questionnaire; please do not be offended at the number of questions we ask, as we try to match our puppies with the perfect family. We are here for the lifetime of the dog to offer support as necessary.



These puppies may be perfectly marked and may or may not have structural faults. However, we prefer that most of our puppies go to companion homes and we choose to sell very few puppies to show homes. These puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration (meaning they can compete in performance areas only). All of our companion/performance puppies are guaranteed free of hereditary defects.


These puppies are sold with full registration, however, they must attain a title from a competitive venue before being bred; we dont sell any dogs solely to be bred. All of our show/performance puppies are guaranteed free of hereditary defects (hips, eyes and Epilepsy) and are free of any disqualifying faults according to the AKC & ASCA Breed Standards. Evaluations for Show Quality puppies are between 6-8 weeks of age.

NOTE: We had an outstanding bitch, CH Hisaw's Raging Raspberry CD "Razzi", that consistently produced lovely offspring. Unfortunately, several of her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids have either been afflicted with epilepsy or have produced it in their offspring. Because of this and our commitment to the breed, Catori Australian Shepherds no longer includes any of Razzi's descendants in our breeding program and we have notified everyone who may have her descendants. We can only hope that the few breeders that have been notified, will follow suit and remove their Razzi descendants from their breeding programs as well, for the betterment of the breed as a whole. Should you have any questions regarding Razzi or any of her relatives or our breeding program, please feel free to contact us.

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