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Below are some testimonials from Catori Aussie owners, which we consider part of our Catori Family. We have just started this page and it's a work in progress, so if you have something you would like added to this page, please contact us.


Testimonial from Di and "Dusk", Riomesa Aussies
As a breeder of Aussies myself, I look for very specific things when searching for the right dog. I contacted Regi when I decided to add a new breeding bitch to my household. I liked the pedigree on the Teddy x Tink puppies and told Regi I would be interested in a bitch for breeding / competition purposes. As I compete in obedience, flyball and agility with my dogs in addition to conformation, I emphasized to Regi that 'drive' and 'retrieving ability' were a MUST with my puppy. To say I got what I asked for is an understatement......Dusk (Catori's When the Sun Goes Down) is a high drive girl who will retrieve anything that you throw for her!!!! She has started training in obedience, flyball and agility and her agility instructor is thrilled with her toy drive and her ability to tug! Dusk learns quickly and has a superb temperament - I have never owned a dog that can assess people and other dogs like she can. She fit into my house with my other five Aussies without any was like she had always been a part of the family. Regi sent me pictures weekly of the girls - so I could see how they grew. I had to trust her judgement as I live near Toronto, Ontario Canada and California is not just 'around the corner'. Regi was awesome in arranging Dusk's travel to Buffalo for me. When I took her out of the crate, she greeted me with lots of 'kisses' and bonded immediately. Thank you Regi for choosing and sending me Dusk.....I hope we can make you proud with all of our accomplishments in years to come!


Testimonial from Bruce and "Bodie"
Hi Regi: I just wanted to say what a great pleasure it has been doing business with you at Catori Aussies. It's been over 5 years since we met next to a hay field to take a look at Bodie, and what a great dog he's turned out to be! Bodie combines the infinite patience it takes to get along with K-9 Bear (my hyperactive explosives detection Aussie from UCPD) and the unbridled love of a good romp at the dog park or a hike through the hills. I have him in doggy day care 2 days a week with a group of other Aussies and he emerges tongue-hanging-out happy and exhausted. For about a year and a half we did herding classes at a ranch outside of Lodi. Let's say we're only a so-so herding team, but what fun for city dog! I couldn't have asked for a better buddy and Catori Aussies made it happen. Best wishes. -- Bruce Bauer, Warrant Detective & Handler for Explosive Detection K-9 "Bear"


Testimonial from Brent & Elizabeth and "Simon"
We are extremely happy with our puppy from Catori Aussies. We knew we were recommended to the right breeder when we picked up Simon from the Catori kennel. We could see that the environment was impeccable and that his dad, mom and siblings were very well cared for and loved. Also, fortunately for us, we discovered Simon was already on his way to being potty trained. He had been pre-trained to use a doggie litter pan. Simon is a very active boy who loves training. He gets very excited and barks whenever we pull up to his obedience and agility classes. He is always eager to try new obstacles, and especially barks enthusiastically when he�s put in front of the teeter. I definitely think his fearless disposition has been an awesome benefit for me with his training. And, dare I say it, he has learned to perform many tasks faster than our border collie! Smart �mini man� he is! Of course he loves us too�possibly as much as training. We always know where he is�which is in the way�at our feet�in our path�or sitting on the other side of a closed door waiting for us to come out. He�s a very loyal companion. When we�re out on our walks, people often comment on what a beautiful dog he is and they want to stop and love him up. He�s not shy when he�s in the spot light and loves attention. Yes!! We love our boy and definitely recommend puppies from Regi at Catori. If we can help future Aussie owners in answering questions, don�t hesitate to contact us.


Testimonial from Tim & Donna and "Riley" & "Harlow"
We decided to adopt our 2 gorgeous Australian Shepherds from Catori Aussies because of their impressive pedigrees. Riley, our black tri male and Harlow, our blue merle female are wonderful additions to our large family. Regi's dogs are beautiful and we cannot believe the compliments we receive from passerby's when we walk our gorgeous dogs. It feels like we are walking with canine movie stars! Regi has been very helpful and informative whenever we've had questions. Our family still visits the website frequently to see the beautiful pictures and new additions. We couldn't be happier with our dogs - thanks Regi!


Testimonial from Karen and "Jax"
I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoy being a part of the Catori family! Jax is my first Aussie. After doing agility with my best friend's Aussie, Maya, I started thinking this might be a great breed for me. I have a wonderful Alaskan Malamute that I started doing agility with and it just wasn't her "thing". Then I started working Maya and my friend got another Aussie from you and it all fell into place! My Malamute loves Aussies and that was important to me as well. Jax is an energetic dog, who's zest and love for life keeps me laughing everyday! He does well in obedience because he can focus even at 7 months old! Your support and on-going encouragement has truly been wonderful! Thank you so much for everything! Karen Davison P.S. I will gladly talk to anyone who is considering getting an Australian Shepherd about my experience and why I'm such a fan of Catori Aussies!


Testimonial from Craig and Marianne and "Spur"
We were looking for a house trained Australian Shepherd during the summer of 2006. I was referred to Regi from my aunt and cousin who had each received their Aussies from her. We chose "Spur" who was three years old at the time. She has been a great dog who really loves to be with us. I have to admit we undid lots of training by spoiling her in our home, but we love everyday we spend with her. It may sound like an exageration, but Spur has really brought our whole family together in many ways. Regi was really helpful with selecting the proper dog for our needs and has always been willing to answer questions and offer suggestions. Hope this helps. Craig and Marianne Hochhaus


Testimonial from Clint and "Bode"
As a first-time aussie owner who knew nothing about the process of buying an Aussie or finding one for that matter, I was very fortunate to come across Catori Aussies. Out of the various breeders I contacted from Northern California, Regi was very responsive and helpful in making sure that all my questions were answered. During our 4 months correspondence, I began to learn how passionate Regi and her husband were in making sure that her puppies went to the perfect home. Within those 4 months, I was able to visit the ranch for a meet-and-greet with Regi and her family, Bode's mom, Kat, as well as her other Aussies. This was also a good time to get a good look at how these dogs were raised and appease my anxiety of getting a new puppy. Let's just say, after that visit, I was convinced that my new puppy would be coming from Catori Aussies. I was thoroughly impressed by Regi's knowledge, honesty, passion, cleanliness of her ranch, the health of her Aussies, etc. What Im' most impressed with, is that after almost 2 years of having Bode, Regi still maintains contact with me when I have questions regarding Aussie behaviors, food, health concerns, anything and everything! I couldnt have asked for a better breeder AND Aussie. My dog, Bode, is very social (almost considered by many dog owners in our nearby park as the social butterfly of the Duboce Park) and a wonderful companion. Thank you Catori.


Testimonial from Andy and "Tucker"
Hey Regi, just a short note to let you know that Tucker is great. He just keeps getting better, and better each day. Just got back from the vet, and she loved him. I just want to let you know what a pleasure it was working with you. I can tell you take great pride in your dogs, and Tucker is proof of that. Feel free to give my name and number out to anyone that would like a reference about you, or your dogs. Take care, Andy and Tucker. I will try to get some photos to you.


Testimonial from Athena and her 4 Aussies
I met Regi back in 1996 when I adopted my first Australian Shepherd, Sierra. A few years later, Dave and I adopted our second Australian Shepherd, Foster. Both dogs have left Dave and I with so many fond memories. Currently, we have our two Catori Aussies, Montana and Bristol. Both are very intelligent and excellent companions. They are our children and are very important to us. There isn�t one day when we take them out that we don�t receive compliments about how beautiful and well behaved they are. We are grateful that we have met Regi. She is a very kind, caring person and takes pride in her dogs. She has kept in close touch with us to see how our kids are doing. We are looking forward in the near future to adding another Catori Aussie to our family.


Testimonial from Mary and "Remy"
When I started looking for a puppy, I was very picky about what type of breeder he would come from. Not only must the parents be active in the show ring, they also need to be thoroughly screened for potential genetic issues so that my new family member would have all the odds stacked in his favor. Regi was very responsive to my questions on Aussies and how one would fit into my lifestyle. Her patience and enthusiasm shows how much she cares for the breed overall, which is also reflected in her puppies. The first day that Remy walked into preschool at 9 weeks old, his trainer commented that he is the most confident puppy she has ever seen. Even now he loves meeting new dogs and people - something I credit to how well socialized he was while in Regi's care. Although he plays hard, he has excellent work ethic during class time! Remy is highly intelligent and definitely leads the pack in obedience class. It has been suggested that we try it at competition level one day. However, for now he is still a goofy puppy that enjoys soaking up all the lovely compliments he can when we are stopped on our walks (which is often!).

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